A Blueprint To Transform Your Life

This new book by Gerry McCann, the Merry Monk, really can act as a blueprint to transform your whole life. Don’t just take our word for it; read some positive reviews we’ve already received.

It is not simply a few tips to help you make more money, but countless strategies to help you change exactly what you yourself feel needs improving.

We cover the whole person – every dimension of your life, mind body and spirit, – inviting you to make your own, very personal, inner journey of discovery.

Find out the “real you” – together with your deepest positive passions and desires. Who are you? What are you? What should you be doing? What kind of life should you have?

This book inspires and motivates you to find many answers to these profound questions. The key is personal freedom:

How to live free and happy

Most important of all, in this book you will learn how to claim your freedom. Living your freedom is the infrastructure and bedrock of everything else in your life.

You must be free, deep within your heart and mind, before you can take complete control of your life, and change what is needed.

Freedom is the very engine of change.

It’s our inborn gift of human freedom that makes controlled positive life-change possible. It is this freedom that sets us apart from everything else in nature.

You are the pinnacle of creation, simply because you have the power to control change.

Why and how? Because you can think and make choices: in a way that is totally superior to anything else in the animal kingdom.

These higher powers of thought, free choice and decision, enable you to build on your biological programming and instincts.

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Is this book for you? The following questions might help you to decide:

  • Would you like to improve your relationships?
  • Would you like to enjoy life much more than you do?
  • Do you want a more fulfilling life?
  • Would you like to learn to manage your fears?
  • Would you like to avoid the pain of stress and anxiety that's often a result of living life?
  • Would you like to be a winner in life?
  • Wouldn't you like to be able to improve your family's life?
  • How would you like to be seen as someone who has a great character?
  • Are you ready to design a truly magnificent life-style, and make a real difference?
  • Would you like to discover your very own personal greatness, all your hidden gifts and talents?
  • Would you love a healthier all-round life-style?
  • Have you a real hunger to develop much more of your potential, and achieve far greater success in your life?

These seeds of greatness are your true birthright. These mighty inborn, higher powers are responsible for all the huge progress humans have ever made.

This book gives you the tools you need to grasp your freedom, as Leonardo Da Vinci grasped his paintbrush, to create your own masterpiece – your dream life-style.