Fire up your Life

The human body is capable of things we never even imagine. Yet the mind is even greater. The power of positive thoughts and beliefs can take anyone to a whole new level. It’s also your destiny

An unforgettable field

Hundreds of people are standing in their bare feet. We’re in Cardiff, Wales, UK. It’s evening, and dark. The year: 1999. We’re lined up in many rows. Facing us: rows of brightly shining coals of fire. These glowing, growling rows are perhaps 20 yards long.

The occasion? I’m lined up to experience the famous Tony Robbins “Fire Walk.” It’s Friday, the first evening of his awesome personal development seminar.

I reach the front of the line. Deep breath, shoulders back, look straight ahead, walk at a steady pace. Don’t try to run. Off we go, one after the other. I’m really scared, but I summon up all my courage and step into the unknown. I believe I can do this.

At the end of the row, I fall into the arms of a helper. He checks my feet, water at the ready. He makes sure there are no fragments of hot coal trapped between my toes. Relief. I’m OK.

I breath again. Wow! A once-in-a-lifetime experience. I can hardly believe it. My feet aren’t burned. It doesn’t hurt. I can’t really understand why. Maybe because I didn’t pause, and give the fire time to burn me.

(By the way, please do not try this at home!  Our fire walk was professionally managed for safety. I do not in any way recommend you to experiment with fire)

We learned a lot

What was the point of all this? Give us a thrill? Teach us something? Experience a new challenge?

It was a master class in showing us how to overcome limiting beliefs.

If we can overcome a seemingly impossible physical challenge, then how much more power is inside us to overcome doubts and fears in the mind?

Countless books have been written on the power of thinking. Many personal development classics drive home this simple lesson: it’s our thoughts and beliefs that determine our life.

What’s your take on this?

You deserve to be great

Fears and doubts haunt us all, don’t they? To what extent can your belief fill you with power, and compel you to fulfill your deepest desires? Overcome your terrifying fears?

What are some important things in your life? Things you’d like to do, goals you’d like to achieve. What haven’t you done yet? What should you do that you haven’t. Deep down, you know.

Maybe you’re afraid. But fear is just a thought, a belief in your mind. Why treat it like burning coals? If we can walk on fire, then surely we can tackle limiting beliefs. They’re just in your mind. And that’s good news. Why?

You control your own mind. You can change your mind. You have the power of choice. You’re “Master of your Fate, Captain of your Ship.”

Remember: life moves on, relentlessly. Don’t die with your music still inside. No regrets. At the very least give it a try. If you fail, so what? At the very least you had a go. On the other hand, you might just surprise yourself and achieve your own greatness.

No regrets. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Or maybe it was, and you just need to persevere and keep on trying. “If at first you don’t succeed . . .”

Near journey’s end

I’ll be 80 this year. I’ve been through all this a thousand times. I’m still trying. Still moving. Haven’t given up.

I look back on my long life; I’m very happy to know that I went for it. Yes, I know. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs. Challenges and problems. Success and Failure. I just got back on my feet. I soldiered on. I overcame whatever was thrown at me. I won through.

I succeeded because I never gave up on life.

What will you feel when you’re 80?

Make sure you feel that you pushed on and had a go. Often “success” is not important. What is important is to try your best, “win” or “lose” in the opinion of others.

You write your own epitaph.

You did it your way.”

Gerry McCann The Merry Monk


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