Quote of the week 47: It’s not just angels that “get their wings”

Most of us are a bit afraid of change. Why? The effects can be negative as well as positive. Here we focus on the very real possibilities that can be a wonderful surprise for you. You often need courage to step up, and win . . read on

Can you remember the last time you had a great stroke of luck? Suddenly something great happened that you weren’t expecting, and you loved it. You were flying, like you suddenly had wings.

“If only this happened more often,” you felt, “life could be awesome.”

We can believe it’s completely out of our control.

“Luck’s just luck! I can’t command luck to happen.”

Well, may be you can. That’s what the quote suggests. Luck can happen when things change.

How come “change” can work this magic? Simply because change introduces something new into your life.

It’s exactly the same as going above and beyond our comfort zones. We open up a whole new range of possibilities, both good as well as challenging.

“So, how can I use change to find my new wings?”

The answer is that we can deliberately control the change. We have free will, the power of decision, and a mind and heart to think and feel what new experience we want. As we create a whole new environment in our life, surprises are bound to happen.

“But I only want good surprises! How can I make that happen?”

Here’s how. The more we make honest, altruistic, loving, caring and compassionate changes, the more we ourselves will create a new social environment in our life. In that new environment, many beautiful things will happen.

How do we know? Life often tends to be wiser than we think. Life gives us back what we offer. One thinks of many other very well-known sayings that make the same point:

“You reap what you sow”

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

“We all create our own luck.”

“Kindness is the hardest thing in the world to give away. It’s always returned.”

Everything we’ve read about our attitudes, “negativity” and “positivity, makes the same point.

New wings are out there, waiting for every one of us. You even know what to do. Be really positive.

Why not just go for it?

Gerry McCann


Have you been lucky? What part did you play? Leave a comment below. Thank you.


“Quote of the week 47: It’s not just angels that “get their wings””

  1. I was working for an employer that grew more medieval in policy by the year, and we’re in a seasonal business in a seasonal state. Every year, there’s a HUGE opportunity to make enough money to weather the coming 2-3 months of off season. Management made yet another change that would have been devastating financially, so I requested the time period covering the opportunity to work elsewhere. They declined to give me the time off, so I turned in my two weeks notice. This was a gamble. There was no guarantee that permanent work would be offered after the opportunity period.

    I made the money I needed to make and worked very hard, and it was noticed at the new place. They offered to let me stay on board, on call, but beyond the time frame, so the gamble paid off.

    1. Gerry McCann says:

      Congratulations, Mackenzie. You’ve found from your personal experience that taking a gamble that’s well thought out can actually work out very well. So many people stay in a job they hate, simply because they “prefer the devil they know.” I hope and pray that you’ll continue to make great progress in your life and work. You deserve it. We just need to soldier on.

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