Quote of the week 48: One simple way to discover who you really are

The interplay between abilities and choices says so much about what kind of a person we are. How does talent and values fit together in your life? Have you discovered who you really are? Read on . . .

“Who we really are” seems to refer to our values. What kind of a human being am I? Self knowledge is crucial. It is one of the keys to our personal growth. Am I a good, loving, caring person, thinking of others and their needs? 

Or am I self-centred and selfish? What are the moral principles that guide my life? That is where we discover who a person really is. “Really” means deep down inside, rather than surface appearance.

Our moral principles and values are best seen in the choices we make. Do we choose good, bad or indifferent? Our choices are nothing more than our free-will in action: 

“This is what I want, this is what I choose to do, this is who I decide to be.” 

Even though there are many strong influences, pushing us to make certain choices, we are still in charge. We are always free to say “yes” or “no.”

Such deep seated moral values have little or nothing to do with our abilities. There is a huge difference between what I am able to do, and what kind of a person I choose to become. 

We’ve all heard of the spoilt genius. An extremely talented and gifted person, with extraordinary abilities, but who at the same time is not a very nice person.

Our abilities only demonstrate things we can do. Many abilities are natural;  we happen to be born with certain gifts. There are countless examples of naturally gifted people. Let’s take Olympic athletes. 

To be one of the best in the world, takes months and years of dedicated training. But that’s not all; they must have a natural ability out of the ordinary. Their inborn native ability lifts them head and shoulders above the rest.

However, those abilities say nothing about who that person is in their heart and soul. Yes, of course they have perseverance, determination, grit, and so on. But does that make them a nice person? 

Not necessarily. 

There are gifted people with great natural abilities, but that says nothing about their moral choices. These moral choices are a window on the heart and soul of the person.

It is only by looking at the free choices people make that we have an idea about who they really are. One of Jesus’ famous sayings refers to this very point: 

“By their fruits you shall know them.” 

The way we live our life gives an open window into our soul. External abilities say little or nothing about the moral, ethical choices we make. 

The choices our soul makes, reveal who we really are.

Gerry McCann


What are your abilities? How do you make choices? Leave a comment below. Thank you.


“Quote of the week 48: One simple way to discover who you really are”

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      Thank you very much Judith for your kind and encouraging comment. I do apologise for not answering sooner. I wish for you and all your loved ones a truly happy Christmas and New Year. God bless. Peace. Love. Success.

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      Many thanks, Judith for your positive and generous comment. May I wish you and all your loved ones all the best for Christmas and the New Year. Love, peace, happiness and success to you and yours.

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