How to stop your negative self-talk by eradicating one simple word from your thoughts

Discover the one word millions of successful people are no longer using. And why? It’s one easy, yet essential step towards reaching your goals. Why not join them?

Are you fed up to the back teeth with not living the life you want?

Are you frustrated at not having the job you deserve?

Are you really angry at yourself, convinced you’ve let yourself down?

Great news! It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can change from today.

But are you ready for change?

Yes, I know. You think it’s impossible. You might be thinking: what can this one short post do to make such a difference?

There’s one easy-to-use strategy that was given to me, many years ago. So easy that you can hardly believe it works.

But it does!

Because millions of successful people are already using this one simple strategy. I would like to share it with you. You can start to use it today, as soon as you’ve read this post.

First of all, think about a Dream, a Goal, something that you really want that’s important to you.

Picture it in your mind. Really look at it, feel it and think about it, describe it to yourself in detail  Focus on it until it becomes a clear, vibrant picture that creates excitement and anticipation.

Now hold that feeling.

So, what is that word that would stop that dream from happening? That small word with such a huge impact is


You too can join those millions of successful people by eradicating that one simple word impossible from your thinking.

The Word impossible has a devastating effect on your subconscious.


Because that word stops our thinking.  It stops our subconscious looking for solutions. Solutions it could otherwise be searching for, working on, and figuring out 24/7. Until it discovers what you need to do.

That word impossible stops your conscious thoughts in their tracks. It programs your mind to tell you you can’t. It controls your mindset, attitude and actions. This negativity even affects how you view your life.

It kills your dreams.

That’s the very last thing you want, isn’t it?

Just like Jason and Mark.

Their Story

They are both in their mid 40’s, and have much in common: similar backgrounds, jobs,education. Both had been laid off and were looking for work.

scouring the papers, searching the internet, sending off their CVs. Each received rejection after rejection: over qualified, too expensive, too old. Both were disappointed, over and over, again and again.

Jason became discouraged, he eventually stopped searching for work. He moped around the house playing computer games. Watching TV.  Moaning to anyone who’d listen, how life had dealt him a bad hand. He felt he’d been tossed aside, thrown on the scrap heap.

You probably know lots of people  like that, who have given up, in all sorts of situations. Tragic. isn’t it?

But Mark kept going. He kept looking for work. He kept at it day after day, week after week, never giving up. Eventually he went to a small local company and spoke to the owner Michael:

 “Look, you can use my skills. I know you’ve no job to give me, but I can help you. I’ll volunteer my time. I must do something. I want to make a difference. I need to keep my skills up to date”

Michael eventually agreed: “OK but I can’t pay you.”

Mark went there everyday. He worked hard and made a difference. He was first one there in the morning, and the  last one to leave. He was cheerful, reliable and got on with everyone.  Six months later a manager left, and  Michael needed a replacement.

Guess who they selected? Yes, you guessed. Mark got the job.

They liked him, he was trustworthy, dependable, a good worker who had proved his worth. They were happy with him.

What was the difference between Jason and Mark?

Yes. Of course. That one little word.

Jason had come to believe it was impossible to get work, so he gave up and stopped trying. But Mark believed no matter how many knock-backs he got, that it was possible. He never gave up.

Just like Roger Bannister, never gave up.

Historic record breaker

Even though it was believed to be physically impossible to break the 4 minute mile. Roger Bannister would not believe it was impossible; no, he worked hard and trained hard.

And in April 1954 he eventually broke the record, running a mile in under 4 minutes. Something that was thought to be impossible was now shown to be possible. And guess what?

Within weeks other runners also did it. Since then well over 20,000 others, including school children have broken this record.

WHY were they now able to do it?  They no longer believe it’s impossible

Dr Robert Schuller believes that the word

“Impossible is a knife thrust at the heart of creativity”

He has learned that it blocks our thinking, it blocks our minds from looking for possibillities. It halts progress, research, innovation, technology;  even our dreams.

Let’s be honest

We need to unmask the word and call these impossibilities by their right name: Fears, that take over our thinking.

They are more honestly known as:

  • Prejudices
  • Challenges
  • Problems
  • Blind Spots
  • Fatigue
  • Ignorance
  • Fear
  • Excuses
  • Ego Problems
  • Laziness

It’s not impossible. You just don’t know how to do it yet.

It’s not impossible. You just need more time.

It’s not impossible. You just have to find new ways of doing it.

It’s not impossible. You just need to ask for help.

It’s not impossible. You just need to believe in yourself.


Now think back to what I asked you earlier. About what you want, your dream or goal. What would it mean to you to achieve it? What would it mean to your family, friends and loved ones? What would your life be like?  What other opportunities would open up to you? What else would be possible?

Now eradicate, erase, and expel the word Impossible from your thinking. Obliterate the word from your language. Free your subconscious to work 24/7 to find all the solutions you need. You can change your life by eradicating that one simple word

Are you willing to do this?

Now look again at your goals and dreams. Decide right now to make them possible. Now you know they’re not impossible, you just need to find out what you need to learn and do, then take daily action.

Wishing you the very best on making your goals and dreams, realities.

I’d love to hear about any tips or simple strategies that you’ve used to achieve your goals.


“How to stop your negative self-talk by eradicating one simple word from your thoughts”

  1. When I look at great achievements–great works of art, for example, I often think, “How is it possible for the artist to accomplish something like this?” And I think you might have something. What they didn’t say when they began was “This is probably impossible.” They never for a moment thought it was impossible.

    1. Susan McCann says:

      Thanks David, I agree with you that many artists don’t focus on the impossible. Maybe this is because they are able to visualise their work in their minds eye. They just keep going until they can accomplish that end result. Their persistance pays off. We all need to keep our focus on the possible, and like a true artist keep striving until we achieve it.

      1. Yes, Susan, I agree with your point about visualizing. I’ve written a post on my blog on imagination and creative success, and it’s quite popular, so it must strike a chord with creators.

  2. Deborah Klee says:

    A good reminder to persevere

    1. Gerry McCann says:

      Many thanks for your kind and generous comment, Deborah. Especially at this beautiful time of Christmas and New Year resolutions, let’s double all our efforts to be positive and happy in all we do. Have a beautiful Christmas, and New Year 2021. God bless and keep you and your loved ones. Peace. Love.

    2. Gerry McCann says:

      Very many thanks, Deborah, for your generous comment. Sorry I’ve been so long in answering comments – been tied up in other social media work. May you have a fabulous Christmas and New Year. God bless. Peace. Love

    3. Gerry McCann says:

      I much appreciate your taking time to leave a comment to the post on being positive. It’s just so true, isn’t it: if we remove the word IMPOSSIBLE from our thinking, there is just so much more we can achieve. We start thinking deeply of the way to do it – it is possible, I just need to work out how to do it. Many thanks, once again. God bless. Peace, love.

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