Quote of the week 1: Self-discipline Is Easier Than You Think

Life is so much better when we control ourselves. Self-discipline doesn’t have to be hard work; that’s the paradox.

Your Self-control is so important

Be master of your own spirit; control yourself, and the rest will follow. For an uncaring, lazy attitude drains the lifeblood from every noble ambition: it’s the embrace of death.

Paradoxically, self-discipline is not about hard work; it’s about making life easier.

A lack of self-discipline

We can begin to imagine how pitiful our life would be, without self-discipline and a noble character. We would soon ruin our life, achieve very little, disappoint everyone – especially ourselves – and fail in all we do.

Instead of having the immense satisfaction of contributing to life, we would have the intense pain of begging, and expecting everyone else to take up the slack.

The paradox, when hard is easy

How easy is it to be self-disciplined? At first sight, this may seem to be a difficult thing to do. The word discipline sounds so threatening, like being on punishment in the army for some misdemeanor.

Yet such effort at self-discipline, in reality, makes life much easier. A very simple way of understanding this is the old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine.

If we just discipline ourselves to sew that one single stitch, then we save nine times as much work later. A small effort now, saves a huge effort in the long run. That’s a metaphor for thousands of things in life.

Why not take a little time out this week to think about this?

Gerry McCann The Merry Monk


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“Quote of the week 1: Self-discipline Is Easier Than You Think”

  1. Thank you – that makes so much sense! (From someone who, in some contexts, struggles with self discipline!)

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