Quote of the Week 6: How do you fill your mind?

Other people influence our mindset. All day long we’re exposed to beliefs and values of others. We must remain authentic to our own values. Our personal growth cannot be at the mercy of others. We must transform our lives by following our deepest beliefs, values and convictions. Question the opinions of others. Fashion your own authentic values.

Your mind is being bombarded all day long by the world around you. Countless challenges to your thinking, believing, acting. Your emotions are exposed to constant pressure from all that you see, hear and experience.

This becomes a problem when so much of this stuff, coming into your head and heart,¬†clashes with your values and beliefs. It can be a battleground. You’re tempted to surrender.

It’s just so easy to follow the crowd. You compromise on your own values and convictions. Perhaps that’s why great people, life’s heroes, are so often misunderstood, rejected and lonely.

They refuse to conform to any behavior that negates their deepest values. That’s why they stand out from the crowd. They inspire others. They experience the inner peace and joy of being genuinely, doggedly authentic.

Why not raise your game too?

Gerry McCann


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