Quote of the Week 4: Your Awesome Power

Why not choose exactly the life you love? You make thousands of personal choices every day. You choose where to live, what to eat what clothes you wear. You decide who you like, who your friends are, who your partner is. So why not use your power of choice, to live the life you want. You get to choose. Choose to be awesome.

 We all have the power to change our world, because we are born with the freedom to choose. This is what sets us apart from everything else in nature: plants, trees, birds, animals of every kind.

Why are we the pinnacle of creation, in charge of the planet? Simply because we have the power to control change.

We can think and make choices in a way that’s totally superior to anything else in the animal kingdom. These higher powers of thought, free choice and decision, enable us to build upon our biological programming and instincts.

These mighty, innate higher powers are rsponsible for all the huge progress human beings have made.

Each one of us can choose how we live our life. Your future is not fixed. It is totally open to your own free choices. Hold that powerful thought!

You always get to decide. You are a creator. You can fashion a new life for yourself by a simple free decision.

Look around you. Everything you see, hear, feel and touch is someone’s free choice. You yourself are exactly who you have chosen to be: the result of a million personal choices.

Your freedom is your most precious possession. Take it for granted no longer. Wake up. Come alive in a new way: fully aware of your sovereign autonomy, and all that promises for your future.

We’re all born free to choose. Let’s continue to use our freedom and make our choices wisely, ethically and lovingly. Let’s create a beautiful little world for ourselves, our loved-ones, and other people we can help in some way.

Fill your world with love and kindness.

Blessings, Love and Peace to you and yours

Gerry McCann


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