Quote of the week 34: How to accept, trust and love your own greatness

Read this post: You could become a victim of life’s widespread negativity, and learn to distrust yourself, thinking you’ve very little to offer other people. Here we learn how that’s just a big fat lie . . .

Yes! Dr Spock’s so very right, isn’t he? You and I simply must have essential self-trust, self-belief, self-love.

Here’s what I believe. You’re a good person, worthy of love and respect. You deserve it. You’re a child of God. You’re beautiful in mind, body and spirit. So, let me repeat: learn to believe in yourself; learn to love yourself; and learn to trust yourself. 

But why do we even need to say this at all? Negative conditioning, ever since the day you were born!

Parents, teachers, siblings, authority figures of every kind. They feel obliged to point out the child’s weaknesses, failures, and even naughtyness. The child confuses its bad behaviour with being a bad person. 

The truth? Bad behaviour, yes; but good person – always. A religious saying I like is this: “Hate the sin, but love the sinner.” That clear distinction throws light on the whole issue. The person may behave badly from time to time; that doesn’t destroy their essential goodness.

Perhaps that’s why Dr Spock, in this quote, tries to encourage people to trust themselves.

It’s as if he’s saying to them: 

“Look, don’t believe all that negative stuff you’ve heard about yourself. 

You’re not stupid. 

You’re an intelligent, good person, and you know far more than other people think. 

You don’t think you know very much, because you feel no-one ever listened to you, 

and that made you believe you’d nothing to say.”

Maybe you’re still carrying that early burden, deep in your mind: “I’m nobody really. Why should anyone listen to me? I’ve nothing much to offer.”

It’s just a horrible lie! And, deep down, even you know it’s just a lie. Reject this lie, and live your own truth. Trust your own mind. Trust your own heart. Trust your own spirit. God doesn’t make any rubbish, and you’re certainly not rubbish.

Look at the evidence. You haven’t gone through life without learning massively about all kinds of things. Not just information, but beliefs and values and social skills. 

You are far more than you give yourself credit for. Stop putting yourself down. Stop thinking you’re a stupid little nobody.

You were born to shine. You have much to offer. Many people out there need the help that only you can provide. As Dr Benjamin insists:

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”

Gerry McCann


P.S. How much do you trust yourself? Any issues? If you like, please let us know by leaving a comment.


“Quote of the week 34: How to accept, trust and love your own greatness”

  1. Kwabena osei says:

    Nice quotes

    1. Gerry McCann says:

      Very many thanks, Kwabena, for your kind comment. I’m very happy to learn that you found the post helpful. May God bless and keep you and your loved ones this Christmas and in 2021. Peace. Love.

    2. Gerry McCann says:

      Thank you very much for your kind comment, Kwabena. Much appreciated. It’s just so important to love ourselves, isn’t it? I know from my own long life that it’s often a challenge to really accept your own greatness. We are all very special in our own way. God bless.

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