Quote of the week 2: Success, Is it Luck or Common Sense?

Hard work is often seen as an enemy to so many people. Yet to achieve real success we know deep down that we have to put the work in. How else would you know you’ve achieved success through your own endeavours. You would know that you deserved it, earned it owned it. Ask any successful athlete, entrepreneur, actor, singer, if their success just happened?

We can sometimes be very gullible, can’t we? Believe in all kinds of dubious success strategies.

Strange, weird and wonderful success theories abound. They attempt to fulfill our human desire for success.

However, many of these theories are very uncertain; perhaps more an appeal to luck than sound strategy.

Yes, of course, it’s great to want to succeed. But why believe in Lady Luck?

That’s like believing in magic: the result we want just “happens,” without any cause!

Like kids’ fairy tales, or happy ever after fiction stories.

Yes, It’s great to want success. But how do we achieve it? One, of many key elements, is having a work ethic.

Yes. Get smart, work hard, and keep improving.

Yet that can be a major problem, the very last thing we want to hear. Why? Because we hate “hard work.” The very word hard  can put us off straight away. “I don’t do HARD.”

We cry out in pain, “surely there must be an easier way!”

I’m afraid life’s not magic. Let’s be adults about this. We pay the price in the shop for everything we buy. Yet we baulk at the thought of paying the price for our success in life. The illusion of something for nothing.

The good news? There’s an immense satisfaction, happiness and peace in knowing we’ve done our best. Often your friends will support you, and tell you, “good job!”  And they’re right.

In all walks of life, people succeed by putting in the effort. Parents raising kids, sportsmen and women winning their events, students passing exams. The list goes on.

That is real success.

The grindstone creates beauty from chunks of metal. You can achieve your own beauty too.

Seek the grindstone of life. Don’t be so afraid. You can do it! Hard work brings its own massive rewards. Laziness destroys all it touches. You choose.

Always remember:

the rich benefits of the grindstone of life far outweigh the efforts you’ve made.

Why not witness your own “trail of sparks”, and prosper.

Blessings and Peace to you and yours

Gerry McCann


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