Personal Growth, Whose Life Agenda Do You Follow? Yours or Someone else’s?

Are you really your own person? Do you sometimes feel cajoled, tricked or even compelled to do what others want? Do you sometimes feel trapped? We are all conditioned by other people. To be truly free & happy you must decide for yourself. Be you! Not selfish. Not unloving. Not indifferent. But Just be YOU!

Hi there.

Here’s how to find your true, loving, caring self.

Thanks for listening. Blessings, peace and happiness be yours, now and always.

Let’s all continue to help make our world a better place

Gerry McCann

The Merry Monk

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“Personal Growth, Whose Life Agenda Do You Follow? Yours or Someone else’s?”

  1. Romantic says:

    Liked very much
    Great efforts
    Would be in touch

    1. Gerry McCann says:

      Many thanks indeed for your comment which encourages me and others to do all we can to help and inspire other people with ways we can improve and better our life and relationships. Peace to you and yours.

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