Personal Growth: Your Journey into the Depths of all 4 Loves

To give and not to count the cost, is the measure of true, deep and lasting love. Explore the 4 loves in your life.

Hi there and very welcome,

Here are a few thoughts on the power of love.

Thank you for listening. Peace and blessings to you and your loved-ones.

Let’s all continue to help make our world a better place

Gerry McCann

The Merry Monk

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“Personal Growth: Your Journey into the Depths of all 4 Loves”

  1. GOVINDBHAI says:

    Love to body created problems and love to Soul solve the problems.

    1. .. says:

      Thanks for the comment, Govindbhai. I believe we can sin by misusing both our body and our soul. We can abuse the freedom God has given us, and choose other paths: in mind, body and spirit. Only when we get to Heaven will we achieve perfection, because God’s purpose for us all is Eternal bliss; and what God wants, God gets!
      Gerry McCann
      The Merry Monk

  2. Rose Muriungi says:

    inspiration messages

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