Mindful Minutes with the Merry Monk 5: Wisdom and Focus

How committed are you to learning all you need to make your dreams come true? Wisdom never surrenders herself to the lazy mind and heart. So why not become all you can be, and live your life using much more of your full potential?

Hi there and welcome,

Mindful Minutes with the Merry Monk

5. Wisdom and Focus

Thanks for listening. Let’s all continue to help make this world a better place.

Gerry McCann

The Merry Monk

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“Mindful Minutes with the Merry Monk 5: Wisdom and Focus”

  1. Viola Milliord says:

    I pinned this site under my News and Blogs board. Is that okay? If not I’ll delete it.

    1. Thanks very much for your kindness. Yes, of course it’s OK. No problem. Hope all’s well with you and our loved-ones. Sending you my love and best wishes for peace, joy and a life of love and giving.

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