Christian Meditation 14: The Golden Rule of Love

If we are unsure how to deal with other people, the Golden Rule makes it easy. It simply asks would you like them to do that to you. The Golden Rule alone develops loving and authentic relationships: the very essence of happiness.

Christian Meditations
Christian Meditations
Christian Meditation 14: The Golden Rule of Love

Hi there. Welcome to our Christian Meditation.

In this podcast we turn our attention to the well known Golden Rule, telling us that everything in life comes down to love. Love God, Love our neighbour as we love ourselves.

Our Bible text for this meditation is  (Mat. 7:12)

“In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this is the law and the prophets.” 

Peace and blessings to you and your loved-ones.

Rev. Gerry McCann

The Merry Monk

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“Christian Meditation 14: The Golden Rule of Love”

  1. Patricia Buolamwini says:

    Thanks for your uplifting posts.

  2. Hello I just came across this page. I really pray for each and every living begin. Thank you Lord for Loving me so much that I am able to love my neighbor’s and all people. I am not perfect. No one is. But God You l made me with a great heart and loving soul. You give me courage and strengh to get to each goal you have already planned. I pray Lord you heal the hurting, give shelter to the homeless, cure the ones suffering from health issues, show the non-beilvers Lord you would in amazing ways. Show the evil the way to its exit. Love is God, humbly ask him to enter into your hearts, and surrender your guilt and burdens. He knows you want better. He knows you are ready to remove the chackels that keep your eyes and hearts and minds closed, he forgives you. He has removed the pain, and healed the sick. He will contuine doing so while waiting apon the hesitant. He will wait. God LOVES us all. He have created in us a fresh slate, and bright future with blessings unfolding. Gaurdain Angels are real, Gods warriors are here, they are always on duty. If you feel weak, scared or lonley or having doubt or weakness sneek back toward you. Call on God, ask him to surround you with love and bright light, to remove the evil or negative and banish it back to were it belongs. In your mind picture bright white lights surround you with warm and cozy feelings of joy, peace, happieness and comfort you seek. Gods not dead, God is real, God is here, God has not abandoned us, he has been here the whole time. But in a world of little fate and doubt. He is waitng for his people. To let his love in, he is smiling with tears of joy and he is “THROWING” his God, power and love, light, strenght and 100% stress free, prosperity overflowing, sickness free, you are FREE from the chains, the heavy shackles have been removed. Free to be the Humanity in good faith to become how our Garden of Eden was vibrant, growing, healthy, calm, relaxed, worry free, filled with love, understanding. God Bless Us all Lord. FREE YOUR PEOPLE! In Jesus Name I Pray AMEN Thank you for bringing me back to my REAL purpose. Helping Humanity and a Full 100% ALL GLOBAL Prayer and New Beginning RIGHT NOW. God Thank you again. For showing me the Foundation on my goals. GOD & YOUR PEOPLE! Amen God Bless the people that got me here, got Bless the ones that kept me back, God Bless the Evil so much that it is removed from the presense of Mother Earth. I pray that the wealth that I have worked so hard for, be given to me. So I can work on myself and my goals, families needs, and my community and beyond to all your lands Lord. #LoveLifeforHumanityProject

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