1 Simple Tip to create a life of deeper love

Why let hurting those you love, even in small matters, be a part of your life? This simple tip will help you build powerful relationships with loved ones. And other people too!

As you know, love is the most important thing in life. I am convinced that that’s why we’re here. The meaning of life is simply LOVE.

We just need to come to the realisation that love is not something difficult. It’s our very nature to be loving people. Most people nowadays realise that love is also the very nature of our Source. Some people call this source God.

Our challenge is to let that love shine through in all that we are, all that we do, all that we think. We just need to open up to that Loving Source, with faith that our love will evolve and grow naturally.

Think of the flowers in your garden. It is in their very nature to thrive, grow, bloom and look gorgeous. They don’t need to try hard. They just let go, and so grow as they’re meant to.

Maybe we overthink things. I know I do. My wife noticed this and kindly helped me to realise it. Perhaps it’s a man thing – left-brained and all that.  We men need to be more in touch with our gentle side. Open up to our better feelings and emotions.

If we really want to do the right thing, we’ll find that love comes naturally. We are called to love all  other people. No blame, no judgement, no condemnation. Who are we to judge others, when we can’t see into their mind and heart?

Love is especially necessary when we find ourselves confronted with someone who seems to have negative feelings towards us. The very last thing, we should ever think of, is returning that negativity. That never works. Just causes more negativity.

Why not simply send them love. You can always do it silently in the silence of your heart. I’m reminded of the famous suggestion of Og Mandino: “I greet this day with love in my heart.” It works every time. How?

You automatically enter into each moment of the day with a quiet, positive and loving feeling. That beautiful energy gets through to people. I know there are countless examples of this in real life.

My wife, for example. She had a vey difficult job, dealing with and helping very broken, hurting people. Her loving attitude invariable got through to them. They felt it, a strong positive energy. It touched them, even though they probably had no idea why they liked this lady. They opened up to her, and she was able to help them.

It was simplicity itself. She said in her heart, “I greet this person with love in my heart.” We can all relate to that.

I feel that it’s especially important to have this loving attitude to those closest to us. We are often tempted to behave in less than loving ways, and we have a hundred excuses why we “have every right” to answer back that way.

Just pause for a second before letting go at them. Will it help? Why listen to your injured pride? Why accept their gift of negativity? Far better for all concerned if you simply return love to that person. The magic is that the problem vanishes almost immediately. If we don’t fight back, argue, feed the anger, then it all dissipates.

However, I’m aware that if there is serious, abnormal domestic violence, then even sending them love may not work at all. They are very often closed to love in that situation.

In normal situations, sending love is a powerful remedy. Isn’t that a far better way to live than fighting back? Why? “It is in giving that we receive.” Less stress. Less pain. Less hurt feelings. More love. More understanding. More peace. Even your body will thank you, be healthier and even live longer!

A life of profound love is within reach of us all. And best of all: the more we live like that, the better things get. In the immortal words of the Beatles, and many others too, “all you need is love.”

Why settle for anything less? It’s who you are.

Gerry McCann



“1 Simple Tip to create a life of deeper love”

  1. Wendy Jean Betty says:

    Dear Gerry McCann, this is the most wonderful thing I have read about love. You said, “The meaning of life is simply LOVE.” God is love. I really loved reading this, and it has changed my way of thinking about negativity. I am most of the time a positive person, but many times I am in the presence of negative people. I try not to answer back, but I found it hard. Your article here has taught me to: greet people with love in my heart. I am going to do this from now on.
    Thank you for your advice,
    Blessings to you and your family,
    Wendy Jean Betty

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