Quote of the Week 7: How to react to others’ aggression

What happens when someone has a go at you? What’s your immediate reaction? Is it a negative word or action? Ask yourself is there must be a better way? I’ve good news for you there is a better way.

How do you feel when someone’s having a go at you? Could be your boss, telling you off. Maybe your partner, upset at you for something that’s happened between you.

Not nice, is it? We don’t like it. We don’t need it. We are tempted to answer them back. We feel justified in adopting the same tone, the same aggressive behavior.

We’ve been instructed since childhood that we must “stick up for ourselves.” Not allow people to “trample all over us”. Hurt our feelings. Be nasty to us.

“They’ve no right to talk to me like that!”

“Well, if that’s their attitude, then two can play that game.”

All very understandable. It’s what we do. Self-defense is precious.

A question.

What if there were a better way?

What if you could defuse the situation, simply and easily? Wouldn’t that feel much better? Most of us hate arguing and fighting anyway. We want to get along with people.

Wouldn’t it be much better, for them too, to be able to calm them down? Stop the negativity in its tracks?

Then be convinced of the beauty of being a peacemaker.

Whatever your own personal beliefs about seeking peace, forgiveness, returning “good” for “evil,” there is one simple, easy reason why seeking peace is a very good idea.

You yourself will feel much better.

Your blood pressure will return to normal, the smile will return to your face, the hand of friendship will be extended. Stress will abate. You’ll be at peace.

The other person will probably be amazed. Hitting back seems to be the norm. Hopefully, they will be very pleasantly surprised. Deep down, they probably don’t want to argue and fight any more than you do.

As precious human beings, you are both infinitely more valuable that any petty issue that comes between you.

Let’s try hard to be smart. Seek peace, reconciliation, and a stress free life.

Makes more sense, doesn’t it?

Gerry McCann


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