New Year ReVolutions: Let’s get serious!

New Year ReVolutions. Let’s really go for it this year! Decide on something you must change to grasp a benefit, for you and your loved-ones, that excites and thrills you. Then Do it! Persevere! Never give up! Success!

New Year: Now for something completely different!

Bored of the same old feeling guilty at New Year? You know how it goes.

“So then, what’s your New Year Resolution?”

“Er . . . I’m not sure yet. But don’t worry, I’ll  think of something.”

“Yeah? Well I’m going to lose some weight this year. Definitely need to lose a few pounds!”

We all know that’s rubbish! Why? Because, most of the time, we’re not really serious about it. We’re only doing it because we feel we have to; it’s a social expectation.

So, let’s be rebels! Why not make this year different? In fact, so different it’s more of a reVolution, a serious change, than a superficial reSolution, that means little.

New Year: Benefits, benefits, benefits!

You won’t do anything, unless you can see a potential benefit that thrills and excites you. Something that you’re passionate about, you want, but you still don’t have. That’s the first step. Think of some benefit that you really long to have. Something, even if it’s very challenging, provided two things:

  • it excites you, and
  • is actually possible.

The constant thought of that desired benefit will sustain you over the year. You’ll be able to face the greatest challenges. But, you have a question,

“How can I have a constant thought of the benefit? I got a life to live, more important things to think about. I’ll soon forget some fantasy benefit, that doesn’t even exist?”

Excellent question!

New Year: Design your very own action plan: then do it!

In spite of life’s pressing concerns, we can make big changes in our life. But how? Here’s a few tips:

  1. Take/Make time,
  2. Sit down, and
  3. Plan out your strategy, like a brilliant business plan.

If you don’t do that, then how can I know you’re serious?

You must keep that better life benefit – bright, shiny, attractive and appealing – before you every day! Think about it. Talk about it. Feel it. Long for it. Desire it with all you heart.

There are a thousand ways to do this. You must make sure that better life benefit is everywhere you go, wherever you look, staring at you whatever you do! Strategically placed reminders are all around you.

Be creative: make a poster, a picture, a slogan – and plaster them all round your house. Talk to yourself every day on a video clip, and play it to yourself regularly. That shining goal must be before your eyes every single day. It’s like a life coach constantly nagging you to do what you promised!

New Year ReVolution: JUST DO IT!

This simple plan can be followed by anyone! Anyone at all, who’s seriously determined to make 2015 a very special year to remember.

Are you with me? I’ve already started on one of mine. What about you?

Great success be yours!

Gerry McCann




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