A healthy mind and body: how important is it to you?

The mind is distracted when we’re unhealthy, and we find it hard to concentrate. We’re miserable, unhappy and not very good company. So, who’s to blame? What can we do? What should we do?

Your health: how important is it to you?

An unhealthy body will often have a negative impact on our mind and spirit. Like a sick child, an out-of-sorts body continually demands our attention.  Ill-health spoils both your work and pleasure: you can’t focus properly on the important things you want to do. The mind is distracted and you find it hard to concentrate. We’re miserable, unhappy and not very good company. So, who’s to blame?

The child who is ill is not to blame. It has no other alternative but to nag and nag for help and comfort. It’s not yet able to help itself properly. However as adults we do have the power to help ourselves. We’re responsible for caring for our own health. Of course it may not be our fault: there are bugs everywhere! However that may not be the whole story.

Our many commitments can make it difficult to take proper care of our body

It’s mainly our life-style.  We always seem to run out of time: so many things demand our attention. Strangely, we can even be too giving: helping others and neglecting ourselves.

If we neglect to look after ourselves properly, then it is our own fault. You risk creating problems for yourself. Without realising it, you become your own worst enemy. So what can you do about it?

As they say Charity begins at home. You should also love yourselves, showing quality care for your own genuine needs. It’s not selfish, just plain common sense. Care of your own body should be, perhaps surprisingly, top of your to-do list. Why?

Think about it: if you create and maintain a healthy body you’ll have the health, energy and strength of mind for all those other important things in life.

Let’s be encouraged: it’s not really difficult

Take small simple steps each day towards looking after yourself. Let them build up into automatic habits like brushing your teeth. They become part of your routine. With a little planning you can find that elusive time for all your needs. Love yourself a bit more, look after yourself too. We all know the formula: a healthy diet, regular exercise, address any illness your suffer.

Healthy diet: learn to control your appetite; avoid well known unhealthy foods; eat a moderate and balanced diet with the basic needs satisfied: proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. Plenty of fruit and vegetables, and careful with sugars and fats. I myself love wine and sweet things: I know it’s a struggle!

Healthy exercise: force yourself if necessary to at least do a bit of walking or some exercise every day. We can all do that. After all, 24 hours is a long time, and a good half hour will probably be enough to keep healthy. Not really much to ask!

Illness: see the doctor if you need to. We men have a terrible reluctance to admit we’ve a problem. Just do it! Catch it in time and much can be done. I did that, and discovered my prostate cancer before it was too late.

All you need then is:

1. A bit of planning,

2.  Self-discipline to do what’s needed, and finally

3.  A little help and co-operation from friends and loved-ones.

I started running marathons when I was 65, so I know we can all do enough to keep healthy and fit.

Good luck! Persevere, feel the difference, and be happier in your mind and spirit. You too deserve it!

I’d be interested to hear how you got on.

Gerry McCann – The Merry Monk



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