Entrepreneurs: how to persuade

Entrepreneurs have to persuade others about their product or service. One essential quality of spirit they need is genuine love, concern and openness to others. They need to listen, discover their client’s needs, and make every effort to serve. Successful entrepreneurs are public servants, not selfish money-grabbers.

Successful entrepreneurs love people more than money


 Entrepreneurs: It’s all about people skills  

As we know: cash is king! You can never succeed as an entrepreneur if the business doesn’t make money. Simple as that! No profit, no success, all out of a job. Money, as we all know, is necessary. In itself it’s neither good or bad. It’s how we use it that’s important.

However if all you really want, as an entrepreneur, is simply to make money for its own sake, then that could be dangerous. Why? Because that desire for money could affect other parts of the business. It could affect the way we treat people. Our people skills will let us down. People, as we know, are more important than anything else. What people? Staff, clients, customers, suppliers, etc.

Unless we entrepreneurs learn how to deal with people, then staff will become fed up and leave. Clients won’t be back for repeat business. Suppliers will let you down. Unless you have the right people skills, you run the risk of a failed business.

So, what can be done? Take another look at the picture. What do you think? How convinced are you as an entrepreneur that you must have love and wisdom to be successful ?

Entrepreneurs: It’s all about persuasion too

It’s a no-brainer – successful entrepreneurs are good at Persuasion. Your customers have to believe in you, and believe in your products. You can’t persuade anybody if you can’t get on with people. So, how does the entrepreneur do that?

Entrepreneurs: friendly people of love and wisdom

I believe it’s all down to love and wisdom. Love?  Simply being a genuine, kind, thoughtful, caring person. Above all, treating everyone with respect and courtesy. And wisdom? Wisdom is just love in action. A really loving person will usually know the best thing to do. Why?

Because they really care, they make friends easily. That’s why successful entrepreneurs listen to others and learn, work closely with others, and find the best way forward. A friendly approach builds great teams, and customers come back for more.

This friendly attitude is a must when dealing with aggressive and difficult people. Instead of driving them away and losing business, you win them over. It becomes a win-win deal, good for you and good for the customer.

Entrepreneurs: Win friends and build influence

Why not read Dale Carnegie’s brilliant work “How to win friends and influence people.” An old book, yes. But no way is it out of date. Why? Because Dale worked out all the best ways to get on with people. He spent his life teaching people these simple lessons in human psychology. He became a giant in his time. That’s why people still read his books a hundred years later.

His book is all about respect, listening, genuine interest in others, entering into their world, and building solid, friendly and lasting relationships. Entrepreneurs who do that will have customers eating out of their hand.

Dale Carnegie explained that only a honest person of integrity and genuine love for other people succeeds. He believed that people, chiefly motivated by self-interest, would never build such creative relationships. They would fail.

Og Mandino: love in the heart

An entrepreneur needs this friendly approach for all their contacts. Og Mandino, in his excellent book, The greatest salesman in the world” teaches entrepreneurs that they must approach others with this little mantra: “I greet this day with love in my heart.” That secret powerful heartfelt love will reach everyone they meet. It will transform their success rate.

Here we’re not talking about romantic, emotional love. What’s essential is a genuine human concern for the other person’s welfare. If we have such love, then we can persuade because we listen.

My Wife, a born entrepreneur

My wife is a good example of what Og Mandino says. Her deepest convictions drive her to help others. Even at the age of 17 she was very successful at door-to-door selling. But that’s not all; throughout her adult working life she has successfully dealt with difficult and challenging people, and in various situations, both in the workplace, and as a volunteer with different Charities.

She could get through to people, communicate with them. Whatever their challenge, she helped them move forward in a new and positive way. Her very first instinct was simply to listen to them. So often such people are angry and even violent. Why? Because nobody ever cared enough about them to really listen to their story.

She opened up to them; she didn’t judge them. She just talked with them. They liked her, opened up, and were able to receive help to move on.

Entrepreneurs: your final tip

  • A friendly approach always persuades, and breeds success.


John Gerry McCann – The Merry Monk



“Entrepreneurs: how to persuade”

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