Entrepreneur? Not for the faint-hearted!

Entrepreneurs. New to business? Dig deep, find your very own steely character, determination, and resolve. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Heartfelt strength of character for you

How to face tough challenges

Business is tough, and not suitable for the faint-hearted. A strong character is crucial. The entrepreneur often finds him/herself working morning, noon and night, and even seven days a week. So many different things to do. In place of a regular salary you find yourself cast adrift into an uncertain financial future.

No money comes in unless you make it happen yourself, constantly, day after day. Excuses don’t change the harsh financial facts of life: it’s all down to you! Your responsibility, for that’s where the buck stops. Blaming others won’t change things.

What customers really want

Finding and keeping customers is a great challenge. They owe you nothing; it’s a harsh fact of business life. They simply want the best deal, and will go elsewhere to a competitor to find it. With many such challenges it’s easy to understand that as an entrepreneur you need a profound strength of character. This means that an honest self-assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses must be made before attempting the impossible demands of an enterprise you’re unsuited for.

Strong character: entrepreneur’s best asset

An entrepreneur must have a strong character, otherwise he/she will very quickly fold under the pressure. Why? In the fiercely competitive business world, it often seems like “dog eat dog” and survival of the fittest”. Being an entrepreneur means leaving behind the relative safety of a 9-5 job, with a regular salary guaranteed.

Character refers to that inner strength of mind and spirit that is capable of  overcoming the inevitable set-backs, disappointments and even betrayals inherent in launching any new venture. The only way to become strong is to face such challenges with a determination, love and wisdom, in the belief that you’ll find a way to go forward.

Believe in the struggle which, ultimately, is all about love and making a positive difference not only to your family, but also to the wider world. Genuine love for your loved-ones will perhaps be the greatest motivation to find your inner strength of character. Their need of you will galvanize your energy and strength of character.

Dig deep entrepreneur: uncover your inner strength

Think of the countless successful things you’ve learnt and mastered since you were a child! The great things you have already accomplished will help convince you that you are stronger than you think. Stubbornly refuse to surrender until you’ve given it everything.

Dig deep; we all have massive strength inside. That strength is obvious when a loved-one needs us in a desperate situation; we become instant heroes. Love is the bedrock of your strength and your character. We can call up those reserves of strength any time we want. As an entrepreneur, never let craven self-doubt beat you.

However even the greatest inner strength is not enough. We always need the help of a team.

Teamwork is essential

No entrepreneur succeeds on their own; teamwork and the help of others is essential. Humbly accept others’ knowledge, expertise and experience. No need to re-invent everything! No matter how gifted you are, you simply don’t have the time to be a one-man band; you’ll soon burn out and give up. Know your limits, work within your strength, and enjoy the thrill of the game.

For life itself is a game, and soon over. Then, I believe, the best is still to come. So be at peace aware of the bigger picture. Find your passion and destiny . . . and enjoy!

Gerry McCann  – The Merry Monk



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