Discover your special vocation: a Christian Meditation

God has given us all special gifts, talents and abilities. His one desire is that we use them in the best way possible. A few mindful moments of meditation with God will help us get on track and keep growing.

“And Jesus said to them: follow me and I will make you fishers of men”

(Mat. 4:19)

Christian Meditation

My understanding of “Christian Meditation,” is very simple and straightforward. First, we find a quiet spot, where we know we won’t be disturbed for a little while. We gather our thoughts, and try to focus all our efforts on what we are doing, here and now.

That’s very important. Try to give all your attention to NOW. Right NOW!  Block out both the past, and the future. Just be “in the moment.” Be at peace; it won’t take long.

Have one simple aim in mind: to focus on the ever present God. We open our heart and mind in prayer, and come closer to God and His purpose for our life.  We enjoy a few moments of quiet, prayerful and mindful reflection.

My suggestion: first read a bible quote, and then ask the Holy Spirit to help you. One such classic prayer is this:

 “Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful, and enkindle in them the fire of your love.”

We spend a few moments, deep in thought: we reflect on the bible quote, and what it could mean for us. Then we speak to God, and listen carefully to what God says to us. We probably won’t hear words of course. However, we will know if it’s from God: it will be loving, caring and compassionate.

I am convinced that this little dedication, of your time and energy, will help you to keep better focussed on your true purpose in life. This is so important in today’s secular world, where we are bombarded with all kinds of information, good, bad and indifferent.

It will be a little oasis of prayer in the midst of this ongoing turmoil. It will be time very well spent, and beneficial to us in every way. Find time every day to just do it.

Your unique vocation in life

In this particular meditation, we concentrate on the fact that God has a very special purpose for every single one of us. Yes, of course we have free will. But God has the very best plan for our life, and works in complete harmony with our own will. We need never fear God’s Plan for us!

God continually speaks to us, in a thousand different ways, guiding us to come more and more into His perfect Will for our life.

We should always bring God into the picture, especially when facing major life choices. Even “self-help” books always insist that we must discover our major life goal, our calling, our destiny. We Christians agree!

However, in choosing and deciding our life’s work, it is absolutely essential to ask God’s help. God alone is Wisdom itself. He created you. He knows everything about you, every “hair on your head.” God is our best counsellor, adviser; a true friend.

Hence it makes absolute sense to make God part of your discernment process. Ask God’s help to uncover your deepest, most authentic passions and convictions. After all, they are His own gifts to You. This precious self-knowledge will show you the way forward.

Think of the Parable of the Talents. Put your talents to the best use possible. God’s with you, softly calling, illuminating your path, guiding your steps.

Ask yourself: What’s my special vocation? What talents has God given me? How do I use them? Could I plan my life better? How can I grow and improve every day? How can I be more loving and kind?

Closing Prayer

“Lord, guide my steps, fill my heart, enlighten my mind so that I may know Your Ways. Praise and Thank you, Lord.”

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