Conquer your fear and pursue your own excellence

How to overcome the temptation we all face: to stop short on life’s journey of achievement and success. You only live once, so why not give it all you’ve got? Your loved-ones will thank you too.

Is excellence really impossible for you?

There are far too many underachievers in this troubled human world. I’m convinced of this fact, and it’s such a pity! Very few people seem to reach their true limits, and our world is the poorer and deprived of so much they could offer.

Ask yourself this challenging question: “where do I fit into this picture?”

Be honest with yourself. Is it just possible that you’ve opted for less than you should?

If so, why? Part of the answer lies in “comfort zones.” We all have certain limits beyond which we will not venture. We feel uncomfortable with anything new and untried, especially if it seems difficult. Fear is always lurking at the back of our mind, stopping us from trying out new things.

So, how do you judge these self-imposed limits? Do they serve you or not? The answer is both. There are so many possibilities in life that open up before you. How can you judge whether it’s worth taking a risk? Common sense protects us from foolish risks. Self interest helps us choose things we think will be good for us.

Your own personal risk assessment

The great problem is the grey area between black and white, between dangerous and very desirable. The grey areas are choices we face that will push us beyond our present comfort zones, and we’re not really sure whether they’re worth the risk. Good and bad might result. Something desirable beckons you to take a risk to get it; but there’s also the possibility that you’ll be worse off.

That’s when your courage is put to the test.

Do you play safe, avoid trying anything new, stick within your comfort zones? Or do you go for excellence, willing to accept the possible negative outcome, in the hope that you’ll achieve the desirable good?

Why not decide right now to begin to “up your game?” Are you willing to aim for, and commit to personal excellence?

High achievers have a secret: their drive and ambition. These are two crucial character traits that push us out beyond that safety net, convinced that many of our fears are unfounded, false, and debilitating. As has been famously said, “the only thing to fear is fear itself.”

A word of warning! Extend your comfort zones GRADUALLY.

Build up your resolve bit by bit, day by day. I believed I could run marathons because my friend Paddy assured me, from his own experience, “if you can run a mile you can run a marathon”. So I took up running marathons at the age of 65, beginning with the London Marathon. I built up gradually until I actually ran the whole distance in training. So on the day, no problem! Excellence was assured, I already knew I could do it! Then success and my hard-earned medal. I was over the moon, I had really done it. Another comfort zone smashed!

Anyone can do what I did. Simple: give it a go. Try it out. See how you get better every day. Soon you look back and are filled with amazement at how far you’ve come. You too can pursue excellence in your own unique life circumstances. Search your heart. Discover your dream, and . . . just do it! Who knows, you might even succeed? Remember, there’s only one way to find out.

 Gerry McCann – The Merry Monk



“Conquer your fear and pursue your own excellence”

  1. Angela says:

    Thank you for your messages. I have read and listened to several

  2. This is very inspirational! I have now crafted “up your game” as my new go-to daily motto

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