Gerry McCann

'The Merry Monk, Author and Speaker

“My passion is to encourage, motivate, move and inspire people to be the very best they can be, striving to fully develop their human potential for love. My mission is to help them listen to their hearts persistent call to their unfulfilled dreams and life ambitions.”

Gerry draws upon his own experience and wisdom to share fundamental life principles and practical strategies for success and happiness. As a spiritual soldier and athlete, he has developed massive self-discipline and strength of character, living a life of brotherly love and service. He passes on the lessons that he himself learnt, as a Francsican Monk for 40 years and as a Priest, Philosopher, Psychologist, Healer, Teacher and Missionary. He has helped thousands of people from every walk of life. Now retired and married, Gerry works as a writer and speaker.

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